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Hello! My name is Geo but I go by ActaBunniFooFoo or Bunni on the internet. I've been a content creator since 2008. I started streaming on Twitch in March of 2012. I started my career on YouTube and I stayed very consistent with it up until the end of 2014. That's when I decided to focus more on streaming than recording and editing videos. I was having so much more fun streaming and interacting in real time with viewers that it just didn't make sense to split my time between two different outlets especially since I was enjoying one a lot more than the other. And I'm really glad I did.

Focusing on my Twitch channel has opened up so many awesome opportunities for me so I don't regret my decision. Twitch has made it so I have the best outlet to do what I want to do. Have fun and entertain people. That's all I've ever wanted to do and I'm very lucky to be doing what I'm doing. And in doing this I've also met an amazing person and my best friend ArtemisPlays or Kate. She lives with me along with my awesome dog M. Chief and her cat Arya. I think that's all the important stuff.. I'm gonna slay some FAQs.

How did you come up with your name?

I literally just combined my life motto Acta Non Verba (action not words) and the first thing that came to my mind which was the Little Bunni FooFoo nursery rhyme. I wanted something unique when I was creating my YouTube name back in 2008 and I think I nailed it.

Did I try and copy BunniFuufu?

No. Bite my shiny metal ass.

What are my tattoos?

Last of Us tattoo right forearm:
I got this as my first tattoo because it was one of the most amazing and emotional games I have ever played. I've streamed through the game well over 6 times and to continue doing yearly playthroughs. Last of Us is also a big reason my channel is where it is today because viewership skyrocketed when I was streaming the multiplayer for 12+ hours a day.

Gears of War tattoo left forearm:
I started YouTube making Gears of War montages and commentaries. My career started with this game. And i was luckily enough to be picked for a very awesome documentary called Gears Ink. The idea behind the tattoo was combining the game and my brand. So I picked my two favorite characters from the series and a logo of mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxdpYlyJzLU

Portal tattoo both wrists:
I literally got out of the shower and was really itching for a new tattoo and I thought it was a good idea. I was right. They are awesome. I also do really love the game.

Dishonored tattoo left hand:
I've wanted to get the mark of The Outsider ever since i finished the first game. One of the best stealth action games I have played. So right before the second game came out I went out and got it done. And before you "Oh wow good luck getting a office job blah blah blah" that's never been my aspiration. Living life and doing what makes you happy is how I've lived my life and i'm not gonna stop at a hand tattoo.

I think that's everything. If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask me when i'm streaming. I'm a very open person about most things so I have no problem answering questions.